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Updated 3/2014

The Safe Kids/Safe Dogs Project

Through education of child, parent, dog owner and the public in general, dog-related accidents can be lessened greatly.   The Project is always being adapted and expanded.  Presently, we cover children, dog owners, expectant/pre-adoptive families, field/delivery workers, and adults. The Project can be adapted for various professions as well.

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Please check the dog language page, then look at the picture on the site and try to figure out what the dogs are thinking. Then read the picture notes page. Even these dogs who were well trained and raised may be showing stress signals or be in positions where something could happen.

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 This project was developed ultimately because...


 They are not Timmy and Lassie


Special Message:

Dear followers, again we have suffered a big loss. Seven, my Great Pyrenees crossed the Rainbow Bridge on Aug 8, 2013. She had an oral tumor that was inoperable without the potential for significant risk. This type of tumor also has a higher recurrance rate and due to the location, there was little skin to be able to close over an incision and there was a possibility of having to remove part of her jaw. She was also close to 13 years old - a very good age for a giant breed.  She was a big, loving mush of a dog when it came to working with children. Losing the Beast was hard. She was the second dog added to the program. However, Splash who came back to live with us last August is showing a lot of promise as a demo dog. She has done a SK/SD presentation and a career day with me the past few months.  She is still young but I feel will fit in well. Also my daughter is saving for a Standard Schnauzer, so maybe next year we will have a grey fuzzbutt to add to the programs!  Life goes on and the program will go on - just without Seven.


Dear followers, it is with a heavy heart that I let you know D'Argo, the dog whom I created the SK/SD Project around so he could have a job he was suited for went to the Rainbow Bridge on July 22, 2012. His cancer had spread and it was time to say good bye while he still had dignity left. Seven is retiring as well. At this point I will be dogless in the program until I see if either of my younger guys can fill these pawprints or the adolescent monster my daughter and mother co-own who will be coming to live with us in August will fit the bill.  It takes a very tolerant dog to handle what children and adults can dish out during talks. The Safe Kids/Safe Dogs Project will go on, just without D-man or the Beast. Ravyn's daughter, Splash, is now living with us and I am hoping her personality will lend well to the Safe Kids/Safe Dogs Project. Over time you will see us take on a new role as well - we will expand into feline safety! A door is closing but new ones are opening.

On October 2, 2010, we were on Dogs 101 when they highlighted the Shetland Sheepdog.  My son, Connor, who is Autism Spectrum was filmed working Foster.  If you look, you can also see his younger sister, Sarah and Ravyn.  You may see the clip here.

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